Bluffton, SC
Oseh Shalom Cemetery

Lowcountry Memorial Gardens
Bluffton, SC

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Given Name
Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Place of Death
Date of Death
Spouse's Name
Father's Name
Mother's Name
GABRIEL Alan Harvey Oneonta NY USA 24-Oct-1941 Bluffton SC USA 03-Jul-2011 Eleanor BIEGELEISEN GABRIEL Jules WALLACE Marion
PALOGER Michael Bronx NY USA 09-Apr-1945 Bluffton SC USA 04-Jan-2009 Paula C. PALOGER PALOGER Murray EMDEN Florence
PALOGER Paula   1943   Living      
REUBEN Alvin Bernard Harrisburg PA USA 11-Aug-1940 Charleston SC USA 02-May-2010 Barbara HARRISON REUBEN Maurice KATZEF Lillian
WEISS Alfred Leipzig Germany 02-Aug-1929 Hilton Head SC USA 18-Jun-2012 Marsha WEISS WEISS Samual WEISS Rega
ZWEIBAN Jeffrey N.   27-Feb-1966   26-Dec-1987      
Photographs taken by Dyan Cohen and Judith Sobel
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