90th Anniversary Adath Yeshurun Synagogue
March 11-12, 2011
Aiken, SC

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Shabbat Dinner and Welcome at Woodside Country Club

Head Table
Mary O'Rourke, Elliott Levy-Vice President
Ted Rosengarten, Dale Rosengarten,
Irene K. Rudnick-President,
Doris Baumgarten-90th Anniversary CoChairwoman, Ernest Levinson

Sharon Preston
Sharon Preston Lighting Shabbat Candles
Irene K. Rudnick, Doris Baumgarten,
Elliott Levinson
Irene Rudnick Dale Rosengarten
Dale Rosengarten, Irene K. Rudnick
Doris Baumgarten
Doris Baumgarten

Dale Rosengarten, Irene Rudnick
Dale Rosengarten, Irene Rudnick

Teri Davis, Max Duarte, Judith Evans,
Alison Davis, Valerie Duarte
Honey Shore, Della Hertzberg, Helene Vergias
Evelyn Bernstein, Marvin Efron, Clara Efron
Stephen Surasky, Irene Rudnick, Lauren Ellis
Abby Zaniel (Great Granddaughter of Jacob Wolf)
Adam Kroll
Max Hellman Nelson Danish
Max Hellman, Ginny Brooks
Nelson Danish, One of Our Photographers
Saturday Morning Shabbat Services at Adath Yeshurun
The Grpou
Guests Getting In Place For Group Picture
Shabbat Services
Shabbat Services
Adath Yeshurun Bimah
Eliott Levy
Ernest Levy
Vice President and Religious Chairman

Oldest Torah
Adath Yeshurun's Oldest Torah Cover
Wolf GGrandghildren
The Wolf Family Great Grandchildren
Having Been Called to the Torah for an Alyah
(Blessing Over the Torah)
Our Torah
One of Adath Yeshurhun's 3 Torahs
Torah Cover
Oldest Torah Cover
Haftorah Reader
Haftorah Sermon
Adath Yeshurun Founders and Presidents
Our Founders
Adath Yeshurun Founders
J. S. Poliakoff, ?, Jacob Wolf
Past Presidents
Irene Rudnick, Stephen Surasky,
Peter Baumgarten
Past Presidents
Mandel Surasky, Nathan Persky, M. S. Polier
Congregants Telling the History of the Synagogue
Doris Baumgarten
Doris Baumgarten with A Portion of the People: Three Hundred Years of Southern Jewish Life
Stephen Surasky
Stephen Surasky
Maureen Zaniel
Maureen Zaniel
Irene Rudnick
Irene Rudnick
Jeffrey Kaplan
Jeffrey Kaplan
Kiddish in Social Hall
Next Generation
The Next Generation
Tiffany Wolf (Great Granddaughter of Jacob Wolf)
and her daughter Augusta Green
(Great-Great Granddaughter of Jacob Wolf)
  Jacob Ellis
Our Photogrpher Jacob Ellis
Griffin Rogers (GreatGreat Grandson of Jacob Wolf)
Photos taken by Jacob Ellis of Jacob Goss Photography and Nelson Danish

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